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  • Rainy January

  • November was rainy. December was rainy. And now January. I remember a time when the temperatures were normal, when December was snowy, when January and February were frozen. Now the weather is crappy, the temperatures are messed up - too warm for this time of the year. It makes me tired and moody. I[...]
  • {Throwback Thursday} 2015 Christmas Pics

  • Last year I didn't take nice pictures of the kids - only phone pics. These are from 2015. This year, however, my oldest had the bright idea to make the photo session a gift for me. Smart girl, Little Miss. ─‿‿─ She is almost 12 so she is starting to like to have nice photos of herself to show to her[...]
  • Sleepy Little Boy

  • He is such a sweet boy. Sweet and wild and loves fiercely. Most times, when he's upset and feels like crying, he hides. His 'hanky' is his best friend (the hanky is actually a nappy). He adores cars, especially police cars and fire trucks. Anyways, these are not my best photos but they are precious [...]
  • Baby Coco and Felix

  • They were still babies here. OK, more like kids. But still, they are huge now! I don't have real baby photos of them because they were already 5 months old when I adopted them. Film photos taken with my vintage Canon AE-1 Program.