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  • Sleepy Little Boy

  • He is such a sweet boy. Sweet and wild and he loves fiercely. Most times, when he's upset and feels like crying, he hides. His 'hanky' is his best friend (the hanky is actually a nappy). He adores cars, especially police cars and fire trucks. Anyways, these are not my best photos but they are precio[...]
  • Keep Calm and Don't Scream

  • Some developers suck. I mean, come on. If you no longer provide support for your older Wordpress themes, at least continue to make available the existing support area! Don't erase the whole darn support forum for a theme that you still sell in your shop! At least notice your clients that you're goin[...]
  • Baby Coco and Felix

  • They were still babies here. OK, more like kids. But still, they are huge now! I don't have real baby photos of them because they were already 5 months old when I adopted them. Film photos taken with my vintage Canon AE-1 Program.