Sleepy Little Boy

He is such a sweet boy. Sweet and wild and loves fiercely. Most times, when he’s upset and feels like crying, he hides. His ‘hanky’ is his best friend (the hanky is actually a nappy). He adores cars, especially police cars and fire trucks. Anyways, these are not my best photos but they are precious to me.

Also, no Photoshop yet, so I had to edit in iPhotos – wich is surprisingly good, but not as good as the darn Photoshop (they really had to implement the subscription thing, so someone like me – a hobby photographer – can pay loads of money per year to use the darn program not even a couple of times per month. Greedy b@$*%^&s!! Sorry, but they kind of are!)


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  1. Char on 17 November, 2017  22:34 Reply

    He is adorable!!! I love your photography and descriptions!

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